From Germany to South Korea…thoughts from the road

Thoughts and reflections during an early morning flight… I’ve had the privilege over the past few years to meet, work with, and befriend the some of the world’s most amazing people during my time in Europe… People who are German, Romanian, Spanish, Italian, Bosnian, Belgian, Chinese, Dutch, Pakistani, Turkish, Indian, Korean, Portuguese, Argentinian, Irish, Chilean,…

How Tide Pools Taught Me About Awareness

When we are children we are open. We let the world in willingly, choosing to view it as it is rather than what we think it should be. Can we relearn to capture this awareness, this consciousness, in our adult lives?

Moving Forward (Even) When Geographically “Grounded”

3 Keys to help you keep moving forward even when you’e stuck (or at least feeling stuck!).

Why All of Us Should Embrace Multi-Culturalism

I was 16 when I visited Germany for the first time. I remember walking through the air-bridge into the Berlin airport feeling terrified. I remember reading the signs for Ausgang (Exit) and Gepäckausgabe (Baggage claim). I remember thinking, sh*t, those two dots…what are they again? Was it umkraut? It’s been a few years and a…

24 (not so)Tiny Reflections & Lessons After 3 Years Living & Traveling Abroad

Some reflections, lesson, and observations after a few years living abroad.